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The average full-time writer these days makes around $20 thousand per year. That is below the poverty rate for a family of three. Most people have families. Even if you don't, you still have bills and rent, car payments, and health insurance. How do you afford all of this on $20K per year?

Why do writers and content creators make so little? Because the publishing industry is broken. Media outlets can no longer afford to pay a real wage to writers while publishers lack the resources to properly support writers they choose to publish. Furthermore, the impediments to publication are immense. Traditional publication is nearly impossible between the need to acquire an agent and the extremely long publication cycle (who wants to wait three years?!?). Self-publication has no barrier to entry but also provides no support. Few authors are also marketing specialists and, if you're making $20K a year, how do you afford one?

So, what is the answer? The answer is crowd publication. By publishing to the crowd and working hand-in-hand with your audience to deliver your product, you can guarantee the market wants what you have to give and maximize both your audience size and earning potential.

Author's Inc.

When an author decides to publish, they're making a conscious decision to go into business whether they realize it or not. Unlike a hobby, a business doesn't serve the needs or the ego of the author. A business serves its customers. When your product is a story, your customer is your audience.

What Ziuli's Your Business Playbook does is provide each user interested in publishing content a suite of tools to analyze audience sentiment and behavior to allow content creators to tailor their product to market demand. This does not mean abandoning your artistic vision.

What it does mean is:

  • Maybe you emphasize one side character more than another because that character turns out to be more popular

  • Maybe you tweak the amount of action based on audience response

  • Maybe you realize that your audience is completely lost by your last plot twist and you need to make some edits to better explain what's going on

  • Automated editing services that make your life easier and your content more profitable.

#Lean Literature

What is due diligence? Due diligence is a legally binding process during which a potential buyer evaluates the assets and liabilities of a company.

What the heck does this have to do with writing? When any author decides to publish, they are asking for investment: investment of time, talent, and treasure from potential agents, publishers and, yes, even readers.

Nobody wants to make a bad investment whether that investment is $10-20 for a book or $10-20 thousand for a book publication.

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook operates as a due diligence engine for stories and authors, assembling detailed market data from interactions with Ziuli users that authors can use to tailor their product to market demand and maximize their earning potential.

The Tip Jar

Whether your content is a written manuscript, VOD, or a live stream, how you choose to price your content is up to you. Everyone, however, needs to get paid.

Our blockchain technology allows users to instantly transact with one another whenever the nature of the transaction is a tip or donation in appreciation of published content.

One touch. Instant pay.

Global Reach

We live in a global world and, while some differences in culture or narration may not translate, most stories transcend their language--especially when they speak to the human experience.

Nevertheless, language remains a barrier to entry and localization services are a must to market outside of a story's native tongue.

With the social creation engine and blockchain economy, authors and content creators can readily employ the services of other Ziuli users to assist in translation to other languages to open up other markets to their stories and creations.

For Other Artists

While Ziuli's social creation engine currently focuses on text-based collaboration between author and audience, we plan to expand to video and audio collaboration in the near future to assist musicians, visual, and performance artists in building their brands and finding their audiences.

If our technology does not yet comprise your chosen artistic medium, please check back soon as we are working around the clock to adapt our technology to your needs.

For Athletes

Want to build your brand? Use Ziuli's social creation engine to share your thoughts and your life with the world to connect with your fans and enhance your image. You may not have any interest in writing a story, recording a song, or filming a video, but you can still make use of Ziuli's technology to market yourself as well as your merchandise to those who follow you and your exploits regardless of what position you play or what sport you dominate.

Ziuli. Be a part of the story.

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