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Talent Management

On average, it can take 12-18 months for a new associate hired at a law firm to generate any profit to the firm. When this lengthy period is compared to the high rates of turnover in law--especially in larger law firms--firms are at a competitive disadvantage due to the duration of onboarding a new attorney.

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook training automation dramatically increases the rate at which new hires learn the best practices of their organization and begin to create value.

Furthermore, our blockchain and AI-based workflow provides an objective measure of associate's work product that ensures the right people are promoted and retained within the firm.

Continuous Process Improvement

Large firms and corporate legal departments are spread out across multiples offices--sometimes even across international borders. Despite vast distances and differences in circumstances, many tasks performed by attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries are the same or very similar. Furthermore, complex matters can required coordination across multiple offices to resolve matters for clients or for the parent corporation.

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook uses blockchain to create a secure enviroment for collaboration across offices in real time. Ziuli technology also captures, archives, and disseminates best practices across all offices so that every team member is armed with the ideal method with which to tackle any job or task.

Subject Matter Expertise

Many areas of law and their jurisprudence are informed by scholarly activity. Such work is often the result of collaboration by multiple lawyers--such as the Uniform Commercial Code or the many restatements of law.

Ziuli's social creation engine and blockchain-based knowledge economy streamlines scholarly collaboration and ensures that every contribution is tracked and accounted for prior to and after publication.

If the Bluebook guarantees proper citation, Ziuli guarantees proper credit.

Continuing Education

Every state's highest court requires attorneys in their jurisdiction to complete a certain number of CLE hours, typical every two years.

While many companies provide high quality offerings, these courses have price points to match their value.

Ziuli's social creation engine allows lawyers to work together to collaboratively develop and market CLE courses with Ziuli handling the regulatory and compliance work around ensuring user-generated courses are accepted for credit in the jurisdictions within which they are marketed.



Ziuli's social creation engine is a powerful tool for language and communications.

For lawyers in locations with a significant multilingual population, make use of the Your Business Playbook language tool to harness the power of native speakers to:

  • Assist your staff in mastering other languages

  • Affordably translate documents into other languages

  • Check content in other languages for proper word usage

General Business

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook is ready for adaptation to any business purpose--not just laws firms or corporate legal departments.

The Ziuli team is here to meet the needs of any sized company and delivers as the speed of business. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to speak with us about how Ziuli technology can assist your company.

Ziuli is presently seeking clients in the following business sectors:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Utilities

  • Timber & Mining

Non Profits

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook isn't just for business and legal. Our blockchain and AI-based tool provides the same assistance to non-profit organizations as it does to any other organization.

The Ziuli team is here to meet the needs of your charity or non-profit. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to speak with us about how Ziuli technology can assist your non-profit in creating an even greater impact.

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