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One of the biggest impediments to early career authors and other artists is lack of money. Authors turn to traditional publishers because they lack the funds to market themselves and lose control of their creations in the process. Authors who attempt to self-publish typically fail for the same reason: no or inadequate financing to self-market or pay for professional marketing.

Entrepreneurs and business managers alike have utilized lean startup techniques for over a decade to develop new products or services while operating on a limited budget--either out of necessity (entrepreneurs) or to limit exposure to financial risk (existing businesses).

Ziuli's Your Business Playbook provides a lean canvas for validating creative content via a method our team calls crowd publication. We match content creators with early adopters and incentivize these initial consumers to offer constructive feedback and take part in the overall production within limits set by the author.

By working hand-in-hand with a publication's initial audience, the author can tailor the content to meet market demand which, in turn, maximizes the size of the audience and the revenue generated by the publication.

Ziuli. Be a part of the story.

Ziuli. Be a part of the story.

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