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Talent Management

Maximize readiness and lethality. Ensure officers and NCOs understand performance across all tasks and job functions of their commands.

Ziuli’s Your Business Playbook provides detailed analytics via blockchain and AI that explain and detail both performance and participation by subordinates.

The mission is everything.

#Complete your mission.

Continuous Process Improvement

Every task, every job, every mission has a best practice.

Ziuli’s Your Business Playbook unites all soldiers within a command to automatically develop, archive, and disseminate best practices within a command during both training and operations.

Our CPI utilizes blockchain and AI to ensure each command employs the most lethal and modern method of attack.

Information Security

As more and more nations adopt cyber warfare as their first line of attack, the dangers of foreign propaganda and disinformation to Western Democracy grows larger and more immediate.

Ziuli’s Your Business Playbook’s collaborative economy can be deployed within at risk civilian populations to provide a method of validating information.

With blockchain, sources of information can be readily tracked by intelligence operatives and, with AI, these same sources can be assessed for threats and trends.

Mental Health

Suicide is far too common among both active duty and retired military personnel.

Ziuli’s Your Business Playbook’s collaboration economy provides an avenue for exchange and support among soldiers, veterans, and their families where unclassified experiences can be shared in a secure environment.

Additions are tracked by blockchain and analyzed by AI to assist health professionals in establishing best practices for treatment and care of both active duty and retired soldiers as well as their family members.


Communications are key to successful missions and conducting effective, lethal operations. The ability to speak the language of one’s enemies is essential.

Ziuli’s Your Business Playbook uses blockchain and AI to establish a powerful, collaboration economy within which soldiers and civil servants across the globe can share their knowledge of foreign tongues.

The Ziuli economy incentivizes fluent speakers by tracking participation via blockchain in a manner easy to reward.

For Governmental Agencies

While Ziuli's current platform technology is geared toward the needs of military users, the Your Business Playbook platform is readily adapted for use in any organization--public or private.

The Ziuli team is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to speak with us about how Ziuli technology can assist your agency in accomplishing its mission.

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