Minerva uses a Coach/Player workflow where leadership (coaches) call plays (tasks) to players (subordinates) and to teams (groups of subordinates) over which they have authority. Our workflow captures information via feedback from coaches & players & from reports on results of run plays. Our AI then makes sense of the data & provides detailed analysis to coaches. Both players & the tool’s AI can suggest changes to plays to improve on baseline & current best practices. The system uses a red/yellow/green approval chain. This process can be automated as desired.


When a player runs a play, our AI Assistant leads them through the task step-by-step in a conversational format. This process is XR-integrated. This virtual assistant ensures plays are run properly according to existing procedure. Where SOP currently exists, our tool can automatically turn these instructions into interactive dialogues (plays). Where they don’t, our tool can collect data & produce suggested plays for users to adopt.

Minerva XR-Integrated

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