Validating Process

Every organization has a system of processes that govern how they do business. These may be formally written down or they may exist exclusively in the minds of the people who follow them. For every task that must be done, there is always an ideal way to complete it.

Unfortunately, too often, organizational best practices become siloed in one or a few members of the team OR the organization becomes complacent, their best practices become out-of-date, and competitors pass them by.

Ziuli's Minerva solves these problems through a social creation engine where all organizational knowledge is captured as it is created, and team members are incentivized to continuously interact with and update each process so that the organization's processes are always state-of-the-art.

This system creates an automated continuous process improvement vehicle within any organization with an easy to understand and implement red-yellow-green method of approving changes and new ideas. Yellow items are awaiting review. Red items have been rejected. Green items have been approved. This makes it easy for document owners (managers or authors) and team members (employees, subordinates, or audience) to view and understand any process.

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