Temporal Blockchain

Ziuli utilizes a specialized temporal blockchain™ technology to track and validate transactions within its social creation engine and Your Business Playbook platform SaaS. This technology offers increased security over traditional methods in addition to significant time savings, enhanced reliability, and ease of construction.

Within our blockchain, Ziuli utilizes two types of coins to facilitate transactions:

  • Credit Coin

  • Stable Coin

Ziuli's credit coin has no monetary value and can be assigned an internal numerical value by client organizations to incentivize participation in our Your Business Playbook as well as to analyze and reward such participation.

Ziuli's stable coin is pegged in value to the US Dollar or other local currency and, where available, Ziuli makes use of existing stable coins issued by established financial institutions to provide the safest financial instrument possible for users and clients to transact within our blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

Ziuli's artificial intelligence works behind the scenes to provide powerful analytics for managers, supervisors, and content creators that make sense of how and why their employees, subordinates, or audience are interacting with Ziuli's Your Business Playbook tool. 

Understanding the nature of transactions with the Ziuli tool allows decision makers to better manage their talent and their operations. It also assists in crawling and searching the mass of data and plays available to decision makers and team members working for an organization or following a publication. 

This is especially critical within large organizations where their playbook may have grown to a very large size. For example, in real time scenarios, a mechanic working on a plane shortly before a scheduled flight may only have a brief window of opportunity to finish their task. Having immediate and easy access to all his or her organization's best practices or plays associated with his or her job function is integral to completing the task on time and on target. 

Ensuring best practices not only improves efficiency and profitability, it also minimizes risk and improves job site safety and security.

Benevolent Automation

At Ziuli, we believe that automation should assist workers not replace them. Our Your Business Playbook creates a collaborative knowledge economy within any organization that automates the capture, archival, and dissemination of best practices.

For both labor and management, this means that you don't have to worry about whether you're doing something right or not. Follow the play and you are. This makes everyone's job easier and more productive with less opportunity for misunderstanding or accident.

Moreover, in the rare case when a team member discovers a flaw in the play, they can use our social creation engine within the Playbook to make management aware of the issue and correct it, quickly adapting the organization to both external and internal changes.

Complimentary Design

Ziuli's technology solutions are designed from the ground up to augment rather than replace existing solutions. Ziuli's Your Business Playbook can be adapted as needed for organizational clients to plug into their existing technology and will work alongside popular consumer software such as existing language learning programs.

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